The sensitive awareness for environment and health of consumers is steadily growing. Furthermore there is a strong interest in food, free of pesticides and neutral controlled raw materials as a basis for the food production.

With hops from neutral controlled contract production rules the "IGN-Hopfenvermarktungs- und Vertriebs GmbH" offers the ability to the brewer to guarantee the purity of his specialities. With focus on an acknowledged burden of the environment it is the self-evident responsibility of all involved business circles to make an effective contribution for saving our natural and agricultural resources.

Especially the hop growers of IGN have made a pioneer contribution on this field.

Hops from KVA has the benefit to be completely integrated in companies certified on ISO 9001 and eco-audit.

K - Control, complete traceability (Schlagkartei = field record system) by neutral control of the "LKP –hop ring".

V - Contract, additional rules in the contract between grower and merchants give a guarantee to the production rules.

A - Crop growing, selected hop places and special care on growing and crop techniques guarantee premium hops for the brewer.

The surplus on costs are more than compensated by the points specified above.
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If you are interested in the production rules in detail, please let us know.

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